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  • How do I apply for an Administrative Time Extension for Development Orders or Conditions of Approval?

    The owner of record, the current agent, or mortgagor (demonstrating a secured interest in the property which is not being protected by the owner) may file an application with the Monitoring Section of the Planning Division for an administrative extension of time. Applications and instructions are available from the Monitoring Section, 561-233-5333 or go online at Monitoring.

    Applications must be submitted by the day of the expiring review date for the Condition or the Development Order. Application fees must be included with the completed application.

  • What happens if you do not or cannot obtain an Administrative Time Extension?

    A Status Report is prepared by Monitoring Section staff and submitted to the Board of County Commissioners or the Zoning Commission for an action. A notice is filed with the Clerk of the Court stating no development permits will be issued until a review has been concluded.

  • What if I cannot meet the established due date for a Condition the Board imposed on my Variance approval?

    You may apply for an Administrative Time Extension. Please contact the Monitoring Section at 561-233-5333, for a Time Extension Application, or online at:

  • What if there are liens and fines on the affected property imposed by Palm Beach County?

    Liens and fines payable to Palm Beach County must be satisfied prior to lifting the notice filed with the Clerk of Court. Please contact the Monitoring Section, 561-233-5333, to obtain the Liens and Fines Determination Form. A fee shall apply per each property control number.

  • What is considered in the review of an Administrative Time Extension application for Conditions of Approval?

    ​The applicant must describe all attempts to complete the Conditions of Approval and the reasons for delay in commencement or completion of the development.

  • What is the time permitted for Commencement of Development, Utilization of Conditional Use, or recordation of a plat?

    ​Refer to ULDC Article.2.E.2.B.a for more information.

  • What issues are addressed by the Status Report?

    a. Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan

    b. Consistency with the Unified Land Development Code including compliance with Countywide Traffic Performance Standards.

    c. Supplemental information which could affect the decision of the BCC or ZC.