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  • What is the Managed Growth Tier System?

    The County's Comprehensive Plan identifies five tiers as distinct geographical areas within the County to recognize and accommodate various types of development patterns that allow for a diverse range of lifestyle choices, and livable, sustainable communities. Managed Growth Tier System Map.

  • What are the names of the different Managed Growth Tiers?

    There are five Tiers: Urban/Suburban, Exurban, Rural, Agricultural Reserve and Glades as indicated on the Managed Growth Tier System Map.

  • How can I determine in which Managed Growth Tier a property is located?

    A Managed Growth Tier System Map is available in the County Planning Division 561-233-5300 or visit the PBC Planning Division website: and select Comprehensive Plan and then select Managed Growth Tier.

  • Does the Managed Growth Tier designation affect the development regulations for a property?

    ​Yes, it does.The Tier designation may affect various design related criteria including: development regulations, landscaping, signage, etc.

  • May a Managed Growth Tier boundary be amended?

    ​Yes. The boundary may be changed through the Large Scale Amendment process, generally with a concurrent change to the parcel's Future Land Use designation, subject to an approval by the Board of County Commissioners.Contact the Planning Division at 561-233-5300 to discuss request with a Planner.