Palm Beach County has fully converted to an on-line Vendor Self Service (VSS) System. The official and only website for advertisement of all Palm Beach County solicitations can be found by clicking on the links referred to below. All other information will remain on this website.


Invitations for Bid/Requests for Proposal/Requests for Quotation/Request for Submittal/Notice of Cancellation (if cancelled BEFORE submittal date):

Posted Awards/Notice of Cancellation (if cancelled AFTER submittal date):

What did we order last year?


In order to do business with the County, vendors are required to: (i) create a Vendor Registration Account OR (ii) activate an existing Vendor Registration Account through the Purchasing Department's Vendor Self Service (VSS) System, which can be accessed at

In order for the County to make payment to a vendor, the vendor must have the following correct information, to date, in its VSS Vendor Registration Account: (i) Vendor's Legal Name; (ii) Vendor's Address; and (iii) Vendor's TIN/FEIN.

Vendors may receive payment from the County by Credit Card. If interested, please contact the Palm Beach County Office of the Clerk & Comptroller at