Citizen Corps


Coordinating Volunteers is what Citizen Corps is All About

Palm Beach County's Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management launched Citizen Corps to help coordinate the efforts of volunteers working in the field of disaster and emergency services shortly after the 2002 State of the Union speech in which the President asked all Americans to donate 4,000 hours, or the equivalent of 2 years to volunteer service. Since that time, a number of programs to address crime, terrorism, and disaster services have been developed for local citizens.

The Governor of Florida named the Florida Division of Emergency Management as the coordinating State agency for the federal program and Palm Beach County responded to this challenge by partnering with local disaster and emergency agencies to coordinate the education, training, and involvement of volunteers. The assistance of properly trained and equipped volunteers in the field of emergency management is a key to our success. Locally, these efforts are led by the Palm Beach County Citizen Corps Council.

The mission of Citizen Corps is the development of a safer, more disaster resistant community. The goal is to have a readily available pool of “professional volunteers” who know their local areas, and who can help during critical times, especially before other assistance can arrive. To find out how you can help make a difference in your community, contact us today.

For more information contact:

Citizen Corps Council Coordinator
Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management
20 South Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33415


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