​ParkMobile FAQ


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How does ParkMobile work?

  • Simply download the free Parkmobile app at www.parkmobile.com and sign up for their service.
  • When signing up, please enter in your Trailer Tag plate number    You can enter up to five (5) plates.
  • Once you are signed up, the app will prompt for Zone number.
  • The Zone number can be found on signage in the park.
  • You can also call 1-877-727-5714 to speak with a ParkMobile representative to start a parking session using the information provided on the sign located at the Park.
  • More information, along with tutorials are available by visiting www.parkmobile.com

How long is the parking session good for?

  • Parking sessions are good for the day of purchase and during the parks operational hours only. Maximum parking time is 24 hours. No long term parking is permitted.

Who do I contact if I am having issues setting up my account or are unable to start a parking session?

  • Visit ParkMobile at www.parkmobile.com or call 1-877-727-5714 to speak to a Parkmobile representative

Who do I contact if I have a Parking area specific question (such as hours of operation, annual trailer parking permits, etc.)?

  • Parks and Recreation Department, Customer Service at , weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Park Ranger Supervisor at 561-252-1714 after 5 pm daily and on weekends and holidays.

Who do I contact if I am ticketed?

  • Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office @ 561-688-3000

What are the Parking fees?

  • The parking fees are $10.60 a day (includes tax), plus a transaction fee of .35 cents.