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Route 1 Limited Stop Service


Palm Tran is pleased to announce the introduction of a faster limited-stop bus service on Route 1 during weekday morning and afternoon peak times. Limited-stop service will be offered on a select number of weekday trips, in addition to regular service between Boca Raton and Palm Tran's Intermodal Transit Center in downtown West Palm Beach.

Limited-stop buses will pick up and drop off customers only at predetermined stops along Route 1. There are 12 set stops northbound and 12 stops southbound compared with regular Route1 buses which may stop every 3 to 4 blocks. Buses will display “Limited-Stop Route 1” in the exterior destination signs, dashboard sign in the front window and a bright yellow BOLT ad on the outside of the bus.



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  • ​​​​​​​​​Effective May 2014

  • New and improved

  • No additional cost

  • Weekday morning and afternoon peak times

  • 12 stops north and south

  • Faster limited stop service


Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. How can I identify a Bolt bus?
    Buses display “Limited-Stop Route 1” in the exterior destination signs; Bright yellow Bolt banners on the side of the bus and a Bolt sign in the dashboard
  2. How much time can I save if I take the Bolt vs regular Route 1?
    Southbound you can save 32 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. Northbound you can save 40 minutes in the morning and 32 minutes in the afternoon
  3. Where does the Bolt travel to?
    Boca Raton to West Palm Beach via US 1. North and South trips during peak travel times on weekdays.
  4. How many stops does the Bolt make?
    12 stops North/ 12 stops South. The Bolt does not stop per rider request
  5. How do I transfer from the Bolt if I have to continue north of West Palm Beach?
    Bolt passengers that have to continue north can transfer to Route 1 at the Intermodal Transit Center free of charge.
  6. Why is the Bolt faster than Route 1?
    The Bolt only stops at 12 fixed stops north and south, and not per rider request, where as the regular route 1 may stop every few blocks when riders may want to board/ alight.



 Ride The Bolt. Get there faster.

This service change on Route 1 should help to improve on-time performance and provide quicker service between major transfer points along this route.

For routing assistance, please call our customer service department at 561-841-4BUS (4287) or toll-free at 877-930-4BUS (4287).


Watch this video to learn more about Palm Tran's Route 1 The Bolt