• What are the eligibility criteria for small business certification?
    1. the business must be registered as a vendor with the Palm Beach County Purchasing Department
    2. the business must be domiciled in Palm Beach County
    3. gross receipts, averaged over 3 years can be no more than: Construction:  $9 million
      • Professional Services (CCNA Required): $5 million
      • Commodities: $5 million
      • Professional Services (CCNA Not Required): $4 million
    4. the business must be independently owned and operated
    5. the company must provide a commercially useful business function for Palm Beach County procurement purposes

  • What are the advantages of certification?

    ​A minimum of 15% of every Palm Beach County bid must be awarded to a certified Palm Beach County
    small business. Additionally, certified vendors are listed in the OSBA on-line directory, which can be a
    useful marketing tool.

  • Must I be certified to do business with Palm Beach County?

    ​No.  Any vendor can bid on Palm Beach County procurement opportunities.

  • How do I become a registered vendor?

    ​Vendor registration can be obtained online at discover.pbcgov.com/purchasing (Purchasing Department) or
    by calling the Purchasing Department at 561-616-6800.

  • Does Palm Beach County accept certification from other agencies?

    ​When a Palm Beach County bid falls under the State of Florida CCNA statute, Palm Beach County will accept M/WBE certification from the State of Florida. The CCNA statute applies to those companies licensed by the Florida Department of Professional Regulations. Providers of professional services must be CCNA certified by the County Engineering Department prior to obtaining SBE certification. CCNA certification applications may be obtained on-line at CCNA or by calling 561-684-4154.

  • How long does it take to become certified?

    ​Certification can take up to 90 days from the date OSBA receives a complete application package.

  • Where can I get a copy of the SBE Ordinance?

    ​This document may be obtained from the Office of Small Business Assistance by calling 561-616-6840 or you may download the document here.