To ensure that the County fulfills its annual goal of 15% SBE participation on county procurement of construction, professional services and commodities the Office of Small Business Assistance and departments will monitor all contracts with SBE commitments. Contractors will be required to submit construction activity reports and vendor payment forms from their subcontractors with all applications for payment from the county. OSBA personnel will also conduct on-site inspections of job sites and interview subcontractors to ensure compliance.

Failure to comply with the SBE requirements of an awarded contract may result in suspension or debarment of the firms or individuals involved.

 SBE Goal Participation

​The annual SBE Goal for County procurement of construction, professional services and commodities are a minimum of fifteen percent (15%). The annual goal is applied to the procurement of all goods, services or construction unless otherwise approved by the County Administrator.


​Florida Statutes Section 287.055, as amended, known as the "Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act" provides the method for Acquisition of professional architectural, engineering, landscape architectural, or surveying and mapping services. For more information regarding qualifications and certification requirements, visit the county's Roadway Production division

 Bid Preference

​For purchases under twenty-five thousand dollars ($ 25,000.00), the county has established a bid preference policy. This policy allows the county to make an award to vendor certified as small business with Palm Beach County and is within 10% of the lowest responsive bidder, provided that the small business is also responsive to the terms and conditions of the bid.