Launched in 2014, this program is managed by the Palm Beach County’sCooperative Extension Service in cooperation with ERM. The program’s goals are to enhance public understanding about the preservation of native vegetation canopy on residential properties, to fund tree giveaways and promote efficient use of water and energy in residential landscapes in Palm Beach County.

To date, the program has held dozens of public educational workshops, created a wealth of educational resources and distributed hundreds of native plants, with a plan to distribute over 5,000 native trees and shrubs to Palm Beach County residents by year 2020.

Calendar of Free Plant Giveaway Events

How Can I Get a Free Native Plant?

Logo ​It is simple. If you are a Palm Beach County resident you can receive free native plants one of two ways: 

Option 1

Live Tree Giveaway
Attend one of our live tree giveaway events and get up to two 3-gallon native plants per household (while supplies last).

Option 2

Plant Voucher
Attend one of our events or presentations and ask for a plant voucher. You can take this voucher to one of our participating nurseries to redeem it for up to two 3-gallon native plants.

To see our upcoming events, check the Calendar on this page.


Photo Gallery


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Send Us a Photo with Your Favorite Native Plant

Helen with her fruiting Dahoon Holly received
through the Native Canopy Education Program

Send us a picture of you and your favorite Florida native plant to dshvets@pbcgov.org to be added to our photo gallery. If you have received the plant as part of our giveaway/voucher, please let us know.

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What is a Tree Canopy?​

Logo The upper layer or habitat zone made up by the outer layer of tree leaves.  For more information, clickhere

Did You Know?
Native Plant Facts

Sea Grape (Coccoloba uvifera )

The grapes from the female sea grape tree can be used to make a delicious jelly and are also popular with birds and squirrels.