​The Palm Beach County Human Relations Camp is a cooperative project between the Palm Beach County Office of Equal Opportunity and the School District of Palm Beach County. The goal of the Human Relations Camp is to increase mutual understanding and tolerance. This is accomplished by reaching out to Palm Beach County's youngest residents and providing them with training in leadership, communication, and human relations skills.

The Palm Beach County School District is the 4th largest in Florida, and the 10th largest in the United States. Total student population is in excess of 176,000 and represents more than 141 different countries. Despite the level of diversity, many students do not socially interact at school. The Human Relations Camp affords students an opportunity to gain increased understanding of themselves and their peers.

The Human Relations Camp for high school students is held in a retreat setting, far removed from the everyday sights, sounds and distractions of home, school and neighborhood. Each weekend camp is attended by a group of 30-40 students. During workshop sessions, students are given an opportunity to challenge their attitudes and perceptions about people who are from different cultural, ethnic, socio-economic and religious backgrounds. The program is also geared toward helping students to improve their leadership, communication and human relations skills. Ample time is set aside for campers to participate in recreational activities and socialize - an important element of the program.

The success of the high school camping program inspired the implementation of a condensed version, known as "mini-camps". The mini-camp program is targeted for middle and elementary school children. A modified program consisting of age appropriate activities is used to foster tolerance. These camp sessions take place during school hours, either at the school site, or a conference location away from the school.

The impact of the Human Relations Camp program is profound. Many of the students who have attended are inspired to work toward positive human relations in their own lives, schools, and communities. If you would like to receive additional information about the Human Relations Camp program, contact Kathi Dillard @ at kdillard@pbcgov.org