​Florida State Statute 316.006, (3), (B) enables private residential communities to enter into an agreement with Palm Beach County to provide for enforcement of all traffic laws on the private roads within the community.

The execution of this agreement does not mean that Sheriff’s Deputies will be situated in your development, but that deputies on routine patrol will be able to enforce traffic laws when patrolling through your community during normal patrol hours.

If you wish to have deputies stationed in your development for Traffic Enforcement or security reasons, arrangements can be made to hire off-duty deputies for three (3) or more hours per assignment or enter into an annual Contractual Agreement which provides for the assignment of a permanent deputy for forty (40) hours or more weekly. Hiring of off-duty deputies is NOT a requirement in obtaining a Traffic Control Agreement; they provide a means of obtaining concentrated coverage over and above what the Road Patrol zone cars can provide during normal patrol activities.

For more information, please contact Robert Patane, RPatane@pbcgov.org



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