​As of April 1, 2016 the Palm Beach County Land Development Division no longer accepts paper submittals for
Right-of-way permits and Drainage Reviews. Please utilize the E-Permits system when processing permit applications.



We are committed to easing the process of obtaining Land Development approvals while providing courteous and professional service and protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Staff functions include processing applications for:

  • platting and approval of construction plans for residential and commercial subdivisions proposed within unincorporated areas of the County for conformance to current criteria
  • alternative methods of creating new lots
  • variances requiring Land Development review
  • construction, maintenance, encroachments and landscaping within County maintained road rights of way
  • abandoning plats, roads and easements
  • base building line waivers
  • onsite drainage reviews for residential and non-residential projects not being subdivided
  • removal agreements for encroachments into drainage easements and for specialty pavements

Other functions include:

  • Engineering review of Zoning Division applications
  • County review of landscape permits on FDOT road rights of way within unincorporated areas of the County
  • Tracking engineering conditions of approval from Zoning Resolutions
  • Interpretations of Subdivision Ordinance and Article 11 of the ULDC
  • Maintenance of the Land Development Design Standards Manual