• Colonial Lakes

    Colonial Lakes - a 120-unit family rental community just outside the Greenacres city limits, this project received financing of $6.8 million through Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2.
  • Single-family home in Westgate

    Single-family home in Westgate - one of 13 properties acquired by the Westgate/Belvedere Homes CRA that were rehabilitated or reconstructed through NSP2 funds and made available for purchase.
  • Garda USA, Inc

    Garda USA, Inc. - part of a multinational organization specializing in security and cash logistics, has created 500 new jobs at its national headquarters in Boca Raton, exceeding its commitment under a Job Growth Incentive Grant Agreement with the County.
  • Westgate Plaza Apartments

    Westgate Plaza Apartments - A senior/elderly affordable rental apartment complex in suburban West Palm Beach. The $14.4 million project received financing through the county's Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2.
  • Sunset Ridge Park, Lake Worth, FL

    Sunset Ridge Park, Lake Worth, FL - a Community Development Block Grant of $232,000 funded a variety of improvements to this neighborhood park, including new restrooms with covered entrances and security lighting, a pavilion, sidewalks and walkways, parking lot and entry enhancements, playground equipment, landscaping and irrigation.
  • Muslet Brothers

    Muslet Brothers - $1.3 million in Section 108 Loan and Brownfield Grant funds financed the construction of this 10,000-aquare-foot commercial/retail center on Avenue A in Belle Glade
  • Chromalloy Gas Turbine LLC

    Chromalloy Gas Turbine LLC - is a global company which supplies advanced repairs and maintenance for gas turbines used in aviation and land-based applications. The company was assisted by a Job Growth Incentive Grant to locate their corporate headquarters and technological center in the county.
  • Oxygen Development

    Oxygen Development - This world-class supplier of cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and over-the-counter drug products completed construction of its $23 million manufacturing facility in the village of Palm Springs. The county financed $6 million of project costs through the Section 108 Loan Program.
  • Neighborhood Renaissance

    Neighborhood Renaissance - Thirteen energy-efficient homes in the Westgate community, constructed by Neighborhood Renaissance, Inc. through a $2 million grant awarded by Palm Beach County from the state Disaster Recovery Initiative program.

Palm Beach County's Department of Economic Sustainability (DES) administers programs for business development, housing, and community initiatives. This department's mission is:

To advance community sustainability by increasing economic competitiveness and improving the elements that create a high quality of life for Palm Beach County's residents.


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