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"4-H youth are leading a Revolution of Responsibility..."

students on steps of Florida Capitol in Tallahassee 

The Revolution of Responsibility - a movement for positive change in every community in America. 4-H youth are a living breathing, culture-changing revolution for doing the right thing, breaking through obstacles and pushing our country forward by making a measurable difference right where they live. That takes uncommon commitment.  Join the Revolution of Responsibility! 

Leadership Opportunities in Florida

Leadership Adventure Weekend

This 3-day event is held every year to prepare our leaders to be successful and to open their eyes to havits of successful leaders.  The goal is for participants to use newly acquired skills in their counties and districts to be effective in all aspects of 4-H.  4-Her’s will also learn more about 4-H opportunities, effective communication, and how to be an effective member of a team.

4-H Day at the Capitol

4-H Day at the Capitol is an educational event that provides hands-on “learn by doing” experiences for youth.  4-H youth learn about the legislative and government processes as they participate in workshops, tours and observation of our government at work.  This will provide youth the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to become more informed citizens.


At this civic education event, youth write bills, then act as lobbyists, Representatives, or Senators to pass the bills through committee and then present, and debate, them on the Capitol House or Senate Floor. They have the opportunity to debate issues and experience the legislative process hands-on while having a great time with their friends!


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