​The Palm Beach County Section 108 Loan Program is administered by the Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Sustainability. The Program assists eligible businesses with funding for fixed assets and working capital financing. This Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program) and administered by Palm Beach County. These loan funds are federal dollars and will be provided as fixed or floating rate loans.

Projects must yield public benefits and meet one of HUD’s National Objectives. The creation of new jobs is required. The loan amount will be determined by the number of new jobs to be created.

Eligible activities include: Land acquisition, real property acquisition, utility and road infrastructure improvements, new construction of commercial and industrial buildings, rehabilitation of commercial and industrial buildings, purchase and installation of equipment and fixtures, refinancing of existing debt (as part of a new project creating new job opportunities), working capital, and any other CDBG-eligible activity approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

For full information, please refer to the Program Criteria.

Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Sustainability (HES)

100 Australian Avenue, Suite 500, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

Aaron Taylor, Economic Development Specialist amtaylor@pbcgov.org  561-233-3613 

Stacey Amodio, Business and Economic Development Coordinator  samodio@pbcgov.org  561-233-3671

Meri Weymer, Business and Economic Development Manager mweymer@pbcgov.org  561-233-3600 or 561-233-3675 (direct)